What is Vanish Mode on Instagram and How to Turn it On and Off

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram and How to Turn it On and Off

What if we tell you that you can transmit secret-disappearing messages? A unique feature of Instagram, the world’s fourth most popular social network, is “Vanish mode.”

There is an question comes in your mind “What is Vanish Mode on Instagram” The idea behind Instagram’s Vanish Mode, which lets you send short, self-destructing messages in a unique chat mode, is that not all exchanges are meant to live forever.

It’s comparable to Snapchat’s self-erasing texts in that it only works when you explicitly turn it on; otherwise, your messages are as permanent as they’ve always been. Vanish Mode is a new Instagram feature that debuted in late 2020.

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram

When you activate the vanish mode, all your read messages will vanish when you depart the chat. If you return to a conversation for which you have used vanish mode, you will not be able to view any earlier talks, material, or even movies.

The Incognito Tab in Chrome is comparable to Vanish mode. Vanish mode allows you to send disappearing messages to your friends or other people in your conversation. Vanish Mode, a new feature released in December has been added to the Facebook and Instagram Messenger applications.

The communications broadcast through this mode will self-destruct if everyone in the chat departs or turns off the vanish mode.

In the most current version, the time limit for self-destruction has been increased to 6 hours. Consequently, you will be able to read the messages in vanish mode for the following 6 hours after you leave the chat. In a nutshell, it’s like Snapchat’s disappearing messages feature.

When to use Vanish Mode on Instagram

“The internet never forgets,” isn’t that true? It’s possible now! It’s freeing not to have to worry about someone listening in on your phone conversations.

With Instagram’s Vanish Mode, you can have secret chats that vanish after they’ve been read. The use of secrets is not required in Vanish mode. Before transmitting any photos or conversations, you don’t want to share or discuss further, use Vanish mode. If someone takes a snapshot of one of your messages, Instagram will tell you.

The following are the circumstances in which you should activate vanish mode:

  • If you’re worried about snoopers seeing your messages, use Vanish Mode.
  • Vanish Mode’s services are for you if you value your privacy and security.
  • You may utilize Vanish Mode to discuss privately with another Instagram user.
  • Whether you’re a conservative online or simply an overthinker, this tool is for you.

How to Turn On Vanish Mode on Instagram

The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to enable Vanish mode on Instagram:

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram
  1. In the Instagram app Tap on the direct messenger icon.
  2. To enable vanish mode firstly select the chat on which you want to enable it.
  3. After selecting the chat Swipe Up from the button. In case you are enabling the Vanish mode for the first time, you will see some brief introduction on the screen.
  4. As you enable the Vanish mode the theme of the chat changes into black. The receiver will also see a message stating about the Vanish Mode.

Now you may normally communicate while utilizing Vanish mode, and you won’t be able to sneak anybody into your conversation.

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

The process for disabling Vanish Mode is very simple. Follow these steps.

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram
  1. In the Instagram app Tap on the direct messenger icon.
  2. Open or select the chat in which you have enabled Vanish Mode.
  3. You will see an option to disable Vanish Mode at the top of the screen.

Both you and the receiver will leave Vanish mode, but the messages you sent while in Vanish mode will remain visible until you shut the window.

The recipient will not view the messages exchanged in the vanish mode after turning it off. After you exit the chat window, you will consider them for the following 6 hours.

Point to remember while using Vanish Mode on Instagram

  • Only one-on-one messages operate in this mode. For talks with more than two individuals, Vanish Mode is not available.
  • When someone in Vanish Mode captures a screenshot, the other person is instantly told.
  • Vanish mode is only available in individual conversations and cannot be used in group chat.
  • It is not accessible through Facebook or Messenger accounts.
  • Even so, the other party may grab a snapshot or record your conversation contents, and if this occurs, you will get a notice.
  • It is still possible to report the material shared under Vanish mode.
  • Before the messages vanish, anybody may snap a picture of them using other devices or cameras.

Why I Can't access Vanish Mode on Instagram

Whether you cannot use Vanish Mode on Instagram, check if your Instagram app has been updated to the most recent version (combined with the Facebook Messenger update).

If you want to do this, you may press your DM icon or go to the Play Store or the App Store. You’re utilizing it in the group chat might be another cause.

Alternatively, it might be that Vanish mode is not yet available in your country. In Japan and certain European countries, Vanish mode is not accessible.


When you use Instagram’s Vanish Mode, you may have a brief discussion that is promptly gone after the session is over. According to current expectations, the Vanish mode will be made available to gamers all around the world in the not too distant future.

According to the theory underlying Instagram’s Vanish Mode, which enables you to send transitory, self-destructing messages in an innovative chat mode, certain communications should not be kept around for a very long time.

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