What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

You may often see the terms such as Restrict, Block, etc., on Instagram; while blocking someone on Instagram will hide your Instagram account from them, what would restrict them do? This article will deal with this confusing query of what does restrict mean on Instagram as the terms restrict or block might be interchanged between each other and therefore be confused for one another and vice versa.

Keep reading below to learn all about what the term restrict means on Instagram and how it can help you avoid someone you prefer to stay away from on Instagram.

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram on Desktop

What does restrict mean on Instagram on Desktop? It simply means putting someone on a blocklist. Essentially, by putting a user account on restrict on a desktop computer, you will be making sure that whatever message the restricted person sends you will be sent into the message request section; this will make sure that the other person is left wondering whether you have read their messages or not.

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram on Android

What does restrict mean on Instagram on Android? It simply means the act of restricting someone either through their account, their comments, settings, or messages.

By restricting someone through their account, you will ensure that they won’t be able to see whether you are offline or online, nor will they be able to see if you have read their messages. Their comments on your post will only be visible to the person who has made the comments, and you will have the option to see the comment if you want.

You also will not receive any notifications for the messages they have made, akin to spam messages being sent to your Spam Folder on Gmail rather than in the Main Inbox.

You can also choose to approve the comment if you find it non-offensive and are willing to let it be. Restricting someone through Instagram messages will result in the chat moving from Direct Inbox to Message Requests, and any future comments from them will also be sent to message requests.

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What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram on iPhone

Restricting someone on iPhone on Instagram means the same as the Android version, which is essentially blocking someone while ensuring they cannot see whether they have been restricted.

This can be helpful when you are trying to avoid a potential stalker, a bully, or even a family member who might just be trying to get on your nerves or worse, restricting is the best possible way to avoid an undesirable user while making sure that they remain blissfully ignorant of it.

And now, you should know what restriction means on Instagram for all devices such as iPhones, Android, or Desktop computers. If you have queries about restricting someone on Instagram, don’t forget to comment below and get the answers you are looking for!

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