how to report a player in pubg

How to Report a Player in PUBG?

THere is always a better player in every games but not everyone of them are extraordinary as some of them use cheat codes or hacks to win the game. If you are a player of PUGB you might notice some extraordinary skills like running faster, having better armour with level 3 weapons etc.

You may yourself cheated when the oppenent cheated you to win your game. Using cheat codes or hacking the games is strictly prohibited in PUBG but still some use it for fun.

If you come across this issue, you should report the player so that their accounts get suspended. Because cheating is not the game, cheating takesaway the real pleasure of playing the game. But to report a player, you should know how to report.

By following the below steps you can report a player in PUBG.

How to Report a Player in PUBG?

When you report a player and accusing of using any cheat codes or any hacking on the game, a Team of PUBG will review your report and see if there is a legitimate evidence that a reported player is using illegal or unauthorized software. 

Before your report a player in PUBG you must know their name or player ID to report.

  1. Go to the recent section of your game
  2. You will find the list of player to whom you played with them recently
  3. Copy the player name or player ID to report
  4. Click on the triangle icon at the end of the right corner
  5. You will get two option Report or Tutorial
  6. Click on Report and choose Others
  7. In the Issue description mention the player name or id which you noted recently and type the incident you faced.
  8. Finally click the submit button.

The Report Feedback message will only be delivered to those whose reports are proven to be legitimate, and that have successfully resulted in a ban, within 15 days of when they were first filed.

A Report Feedback message containing the results of the action taken against their account will be sent to the player who filed the report. The player who sent the report connects to the game lobby, the Report Feedback message will be displayed there as a pop-up as shown in the below image.
how to report a player in pubg

When you will get permanently banned in PUBG?

It’s seems if you get reported for times continuously then your account will be banned permanently from play PUBG. So, you need to be very careful even if you use the cheat code for fun or just tried out. If you get reported and it was proven by PUBG you will lose your PUBG account.

Below is the statement on how the PUBG Report system works:

If you receive more than one pop-up, you’ll be able to easily move to the next message by clicking ‘Confirm’ for the first one.

If the system finds you’re receiving more than 5 Report Feedback messages at the same time, you’ll instead receive a single pop-up message as shown in the below image with the names of those successfully banned all at once.

how to report a player in pubg

You can check whether a Feedback message has arrived within the next 15 days of when that ban has taken place.

Check out this video for more details on How the PUBG Report Feedback System works.

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