How to Post Reels on Facebook

How to Post Reels on Facebook on Android and iPhone

You would unlikely find the term ‘Reels’ strange if you are from India and have used social media apps such as Instagram or the now-banned Tik Tok. Continue reading to find out more about how to post reels on Facebook in detail, as this article will go through the process in full.

The meaning of this term will be utterly unclear if you haven’t been using Instagram for some time. Reels for Facebook allow users to post 15-30 second videos of themselves doing anything from crazy pranks to singing a song. Using Reels, you can also share your Instagram reels on Facebook with your friends.

How to Post Reels on Facebook​

Because it is a relatively new feature, publishing a reel on Android may be complicated and simple, depending on your current understanding of the functionality and your current skill level. Using the following methods, you will learn How to post reels on Facebook straightforwardly using an Android smartphone.

  1. Start by launching the Facebook mobile application and tapping the ‘Reel’ button in the center of the screen, immediately below the ‘Write something here…’ button. In the News Feed of Facebook,
  2. After that, click on the Create Reel button.
  3. At this point, click on the Allow Access option (Allow Facebook to access your storage and camera with audio, this is one time process only to be asked the first time you create a Reel.)
  4. To begin recording the video, push the white circle with a red dot button to start the recording, which will run for 30 seconds.

5. You’ll notice that the Facebook reel camera has been launched and that you’ve been offered several options, such as “Add Music,” “Fast Forward,” “Effects,” “Green Screen,” and “Speed.” As regular camera functions, this includes switching between backward and forward viewing modes and vice versa.

6. After you’re finished recording, click on the corresponding button in the center of the screen, either “Edit” or “Stop.”

7. You’ll be offered several options, such as the ability to add your music or text and modify the movie. Decorate your video under your specifications.

8. Once you’ve finished modifying the video, click on the ‘Next’ option to proceed.


9. It will appear in an additional window with security options like whether you want the public to see the video or just your friends, as well as the opportunity to add specific friends to the list of individuals who can access your reel. Select OK from the Who can see Reels drop-down menu.

Note: Please remember that you may always change the default audience for reels to the precise security level you’ve set if you want a more direct experience when you release your reel. This will guarantee that your rotation is set to the appropriate setting without the need to modify it regularly.

10. You may write whatever you want about the reel if you like; this is an optional step.

11. When you’re completed, click the ‘Share Reel’ button, and your reel will display in your Facebook News Feed, Reels section, and search results on the social network.

With this knowledge, you can publish anything you are preparing as a reel on Facebook after you have learned how to post reels on Facebook on Android.

How to Disable Reels on Facebook​

As you have learned How to post reels on Facebook, you must know how to disable them.

While users of Tik-Tok praise Facebook’s reels feature for its likeness to the app, some are less enthused.

Depending on the content creator’s genre, reels may be cerebral or uncomplicated, provocative, and highly terrifying, if not brutally violent.

While scrolling through Facebook, one may become tired of seeing reels at every turn, regardless of how great the revolution is.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in mechanism on Facebook for deactivating a Facebook clip. Although various approaches exist to halt a Facebook clip, they will need some complexity and close attention to the components. Follow the steps below:

Step 01: Uninstall the Latest version of Facebook App​

Delete the most current version of the Facebook programme from your computer.

  • On your smartphone, download the prior version of the Facebook App.
  • Uninstall the most recent version of your Facebook Mobile app by going to the ‘Play Store and searching for ‘Facebook,’ then going to the page and tapping the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • If the uninstall bar is absent, you may disable or force-stop the Facebook app by going to your Android’s ‘Settings’ section and selecting the ‘Apps’ section; while there, choose ‘Disable’ or ‘Force Stop.’

Step 02: Install the Earlier version of Facebook App​

2. Go to this website to download and install an earlier version of the Facebook app on your mobile device once you have deactivated or deleted the current version.

Step 03: How to Disable Auto update for Facebook App​

You must disable the Facebook App’s auto-update feature on your mobile device; otherwise, Facebook will be updated to the latest version, and Reels will reappear on your phone.

1. Go to the Play Store on your mobile device.

2. Search for the Facebook App on the Google Play Store.

3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Ensure that the Auto-update option is off.

And that’s it; the previous version didn’t have that option, so you’ve effectively disabled Facebook reels. You’re done if you’re ready to finish it and don’t have any problems.

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