How to change Spotify password

How to Change Spotify Password in 2 mins

Do you want to know how to change Spotify password. Following this blog, you can Spotify change password in just 1 min. You can change Spotify password for a number of reasons but changing Spotify password from time to time help you secure your Spotify account and its a good practice to follow.

Here is how to change spotify password or reset spotify password if you have forgotten your current password.

First thing first, to change the password you need to visit the Spotify website on your Widows or macOS or open Spotify Apps on your Android or iOS device.

Open any web browser and type

How to change Spotify password

Step 2: Click on Forgot your Password

The below page will appear when you click on the login button, hence we are going to change the Spotify password click on the Forgot your password button in the button of the screen.

Step 3: Request Password Reset link

  1. Enter your email address or username in the blank space
  2. Resolve the reCAPTCHA
  3. Click the SEND button to get the password reset link to your given email address above.
Spotify will send one email to your account by clicking that link you can change spotify password easily.
How to change Spotify password

Step 4: Check your inbox and create a new password

  1. Now login to your email address and check if you have received any email with the subject “Reset your Password” from Spotify domain account.
  2. Clicking the link in the email address will take you to the new page where you will get the option to set the new password for your Spotify account.

This is how you can change Spotify password in the Spotify website.

How to Change Spotify Password without email

Email address is must to reset your Spotify password. You may have not given any email address at the time of creating your Spotify account but you must need a email address to reset your password on your Spotify.

You have only two choices which you can try apart from regaining access to the email address. 

  1. Contact Spotify support and ask them to update the email address for you.
  2. Create a new account and start fresh.

Choose which one is easier for you to proceed.

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