How to Change Name in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG

PUBG Mobile became popular due to the higher graphics and better game play released for mobile phones. PUBG known to be most playing game in India ever since the competition lit up in the gaming world. In this blog, will learn how to change name in PUBG mobile game.

How to change your name and appearance in PUBG?

Changing your name in PUBG Mobile is very easy. To change your name in PUBG Mobile, you have to use Rename card unlike the PUBG PC, you cannot change your name often. So, be careful while changing the name, don’t get stuck with a weird name and make sure you don’t have any typos. 

  1. Open your PUBG mobile app
  2. Navigate to the bottom on right side
  3. Select Inventory, 
  4. Look for the Id Card
  5. Select Id card and click “use”\
  6. Enter your name, Then click “ok”
How to Change Name in PUBG

How to Get Rename Card in PUBG

You will get rename Id card either as a reward after leveling up or you have to purchase using your Crew Points (UC) in the shop. You  need to have at least 180UC to buy a single Rename Card in the store, that can be around less or more to $5.

Another way to get through the event like crew challenge where using the crew points, we can purchase rename Id card. Also open up your mission page and look for any quests if you are lucky you may get a mission with that may have a rename card as their reward.

How to Change Appearance in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG

Like changing your name, you can also change your appearance in PUBG Mobile but for that also you need to have in-game currency. For changing your appearance in PUBG Mobile you need to have a Battle Points.

If you have enough BP, by following the steps you can change your appearance in PUBG Mobile.

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile app 
  2. Navigate to the inventory in the main menu
  3. On your left side option, Click “appearance”
  4. You will find option to select the gender, face, hair style and color
  5. You will see the pop up asking for amount of BP to purchase.

How to get BP in PUBG

Battle Points also known as BP in PUBG Mobile can only be achieved through playing the game and completing the missions and you don’t have the option to purchase the Battle Points with the real money. A single appearance change in PUBG Mobile costs 3000 BP.

Don’t worry, you have lots of ways to get the BP in PUBG Mobile. One of the best way to get the 2000 BP is by linking your account to Facebook. Some hesitate to do this steps as privacy concerns with Facebook.

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