How to Cancel Avast Cleanup in Just 5 Mins

I will show you how to cancel an Avast subscription via your Avast Account. To proceed with this article, you need to have an Avast Account first; if you don’t have you need to create one.

How to Cancel Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription​

  • Sign in to your Avast Account using this link (
  • Select Subscriptions in the tile option.
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  • Look for the Avast subscription that you want to cancel.

    If the subscription option does not appear on your My Subscriptions screen, refer to the Still need help? Section below.

  • Click the Unsubscribe button under the subscription that you want to cancel. Click on Still need help? Section, If you do not see the Unsubscribe button.
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  • Select the Unsubscribe button here. You will be shown your future renewals date, then click Confirm.
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  • Click Got It.
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Now you have successfully canceled your Avast Cleanup Premium subscription. You receive confirmation of the cancellation through email.

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