How to Cancel Avast Cleanup

I will show you how to cancel an Avast subscription via your Avast Account. In order to proceed with this article, you need to have an Avast Account first, if you don’t have you need to create one.

How to Cancel Avast Cleanup Premium Subscription​

  • Sign in to your Avast Account using this link (
  • Select Subscriptions in the tile option.
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  • Look for the Avast subscription that you want to cancel.

    If the subscription option does not appear on your My Subscriptions screen, refer to the Still need help? section below.

  • Click Unsubscribe button under the subscription that you want to cancel. Click on Still need help? section, If you do not see the Unsubscribe button.
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  • Select Unsubscribe button here you will be shown your future renewals date, then click Confirm.
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  • Click Got It.
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Now you have successfully canceled your Avast Cleanup Premium subscription. You receive confirmation of the cancellation through the email.

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