Best Android Smartwatches in 2020

Best Android Smartwatch in 2020

A smartwatch is a digitalized watch that provides many other features than a basic watch and its functions. For example, Advanced Health Monitoring, many fitness features, tracking down your activity and providing reminders throughout the day, you can control your Android device via Smartwatches, Smart Functions like Smart replay and Image view of Notification, etc. A smartwatch consists of a touchscreen display and you can Scroll, Swipe, and customize the Screen.

The best Smartwatch for Android user is:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

specially designed for smooth and sleek performance, which can also track your Movements. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is one of the best smartwatches you will find in the market.


This Watch Track your activities, movements, and workouts like Walking, Running, Cycling, Rowing, Elliptical training, Dynamic Workout, and Swimming, etc.

Health Support

This Watch Monitoring your Health and can check your heart rate peacefully and it sends you an alert when it goes above or below normal levels.

Stay Connected Without your phone

The LTE-powered assistant that lets you leave your phone behind and you can use this watch Without your phone like take your contacts, messages, and music, etc.

There are two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

2. Oppo Watch

The Oppo Watch is one of the best Wear OS Smartwatch. This watch’s hardware-software synergy is combinable.

The Oppo Watch gives facilities like “message notification, listen to online music, Mobile Payment, Schedule management, Quick reply, 24-hours heart rate monitoring, Exercise tracking, and Locate your phone”.

If we talk about Health fitness then this follows every heartbeat of yours. This Watch runs smoothly, comes with a sleek design, Great Display, Battery life is not so great, but this design looks unoriginal and a copy of the Apple smartwatch.

This Watch is available in Two Sizes variants – 46mm and 41mm and GPS also built to track your runs and cycles. Oppo Watch is another best smartwatches for you to buy in 2020.

3. Fossil Gen5

Fossil Gen5 Smartwatch Carlyle Stainless Steel Especially builds for Men, This Watch has many Features Like Speakers so you can answer your calls, hear responses from Google Assistant and listen to your favorite songs, you can check your Heart rate anytime and Smartphone notifications.

This watch gives you 8GB storage for Downloading Apps and Favorite Music. Fossil Gen5 is another best smartwatches and taking 3rd place in our list of best smartwatches.

4. Tic Watch Pro

You may not have heard anything before about it, but recently Mobvoi has been launched in the US and the UK. It has a dual-screen feature.

There are two displays on this watch.

one layered on top of the other, this is a bright and bold full-color OLED screen that helps you to Operate many features when your battery is running low.

The second display shines and transparent LCD and you can run when your battery is running low.

There are many features available like NFC for Google Pay, GPS, and Bluetooth for listening to music, etc.

If we talk about Health fitness, this watches every second monitoring you Breath, Stress, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and Health rate.

You can choose your workout mode like Pool Swimming, Yoga, Rowing Machine, Mountaineering, Body Mechanics, Trail Running, Elliptical Machine, Outdoor Run, Indoor Running, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Cycling, FreeStyle and Outdoor Cycling.

You can Custom hundreds of faces in the Mobovoi app and thousand from the Google Store.

5. Fossil Sport

This Smartwatch is the cheapest with wear OS, This Fossil Sport Watch is suited to users who prioritize health and fitness. This watch Track your progress with activity goals like Heart points. You can play your stored music on your watch and you can access your information faster. This watch builds in many features like Swim proof, Message Notifications, Customizable Dials, Activity Tracking Social Watch Faces (Facebook and Instagram, etc.), and Watch Apps. The Fossile smartwatches is one of the best smartwatches you can buy in 2020.

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