Best Android Smartwatches in 2020

APPLE WATCH SERIES 6. Worth to buy

Apple Company is one of the biggest companies in Techno Words, its products are especially amazing and everyone wants to buy their products.

Apple Company has Watch Series and recently launched APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 with many advanced features.


Apple Watch Series 6 The feature of health is on your wrist. a new sensor is attached to this watch and You can Measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary new sensor and app, you can take an ECG anytime, everywhere, and added many features on it.

Blood Oxygen


Blood Oxygen is one of the most important parts of our life, it can help you understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen, and the amount of oxygen delivered to your body and you can feel like you are well or not. Apple Watch Series 6 helps you to with New sensor and app you can take an on-demand reading of your blood oxygen as well.

On Apple Watch Series 6 The New blood oxygen sensor is made up of four LED clusters and four photodiodes. This new blood oxygen sensor works in concert with the Blood oxygen app to determine your blood oxygen level.

Green, red and infrared LEDs shine light onto the blood vessels in your wrist then calculate the color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present.



Your finger can tell you a lot about your health and heart, You can take ECG anytime and anywhere because of ECG on your wrist. On Apple watch Electrodes specially built into the Digital Crown and the back crystal work together with the ECG app to read your heart’s electrical signals. How you can take ECG? Its very simple just touches the Digital Crown to generate an ECG waveform in just 30 seconds and then check your iPhone The ECG app can indicate whether your heart is beating in a normal pattern.

Sleep App


Good sleep is the way towards a good day and good day(s) makes your life much butter. The Sleep app helps you to set your personal sleep goals and The Sleep app establish a regular bedtime routine and keep track of your sleep trends at every bedtime.



Knowledge is power, Power means our strength if you want strength then you want to be a fit, everyone was trying to be a fit and if you want to be a fit then you want to be the best fitness guidance.

Apple Watch Series 6 is the best fitness guidance for you, it’s Track your workout and keep moving metrics more precisely than ever – in the water, at the gym, or out on the road. No matter how you love to workout and move, this watch has a workout just for you. Choose from swimming, yoga, cycling, running, or just about anything else.

Stay Connected

Apple Watch Series 6 keeps the people and things to you, no matter where are they. You can stay connected even when you don’t have your phone.

Calls and Messages. Call and text right from your wrist.

Wallet. You can store your boarding pass, movie tickets, or rewards cards for easy access.

Siri Assistant. You can get help with just about anything, simply by asking. Including translations. Maps. Get a tap on the wrist telling you when to turn, On the bike, on your car, or foot.

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